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Impress your friends and family with a new skill

Peter Alkema takes you step by step through 13 woodworking projects and an incredible learning and building experience as you create with wonderful wood.

This book explains EXACTLY how he did it, and how you can too!

  • The basics of woodworking including tools, finishing and all the techniques required to complete the projects.

  • How to make a range of 13 projects from a simple step to bookshelves, bunkbeds, a toy shelf and even a wendy house.

  • The background to the projects, why the author made each one and what mistakes he made so you can make it even better.

  • How and why each project was originally designed and made in the author's home - most of them for his 5 children!

Woodworking for Everyone
5 Star Rating

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What People Are Saying:

Dave Millard

"it's as if the author if standing behind you, talking you through the steps"

Dave Millard

Chartered Acccountant
Khomotso Sekoto

"If you are going to buy only one woodworking book, this should be it"


Khomotso Sekoto

Innovation Executive
Natalie Davies

"This will make the perfect Fathers day gift. It is easy to read and practical"

Natalie Davies

Business Consultant
Vernicia Pillay

"the book makes woodworking fun and family orientated"


Vernicia Pillay

Procurement Expert
Dave Tarrant

"I was previously very intimidated. But having read this book I feel inspired"

Dave Tarrant

Electrical Engineer

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

  • Be inspired with stunning pictures to create stylish and practical furniture for your home and family.

  • Understand how the projects are made with high quality illustrations and design information.

  • Learn about woodworking tools, techniques, joins, finishing, fasteners and much more.

  • Make the projects by following the step by step instructions and clearly labelled illustrations.

  • Improve the decor of your home as your family uses the stylish furniture in practical ways.

  • Benefit from the author's mistakes as he explains what he would do differently next time.

peter alkema thank you

About The Author

As an IT executive in a large bank, Peter Alkema enjoys spending his spare time in the workshop making furniture for family and friends.

He combined his love of woodworking and books when he wrote Woodworking for Everyone which includes a tribute to his late father who made the best go-kart in the neighbourhood.

Connect with Peter on social media to receive more woodworking content and stay up to date with his latest projects.

Tweet @peteralkema with pics of your finished projects from his book!

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